Lightweight Backpacking After 60 in the Rogue Valley

The Backpack Interest Group (BIG) was founded in Ashland, OR, in February 2009. BIG provides opportunities for backpackers in their 60’s and 70’s to backpack in Northern California and Oregon with like-minded individuals. We tend to use lightweight (not necessarily ultra-lightweight) gear as well as trekking poles. Based on our recent member survey (Fall 2017), 91% are experienced backpackers, although 27% have not backpacked in the last 5 years. Most (68%) prefer trips that are moderate in difficulty while 23% prefer easy trips. Also, most (77%) prefer shorter (3-day) trips.

The backpack trips are led by our experienced members. Trips are planned at the beginning of the year at our periodic (monthly) potlucks. These popular potlucks are also provide an opportunity to network as well as to show slides from recent trips. For further information, contact Tysen:



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Bandon to Floras Lake, Oct 9-10

Trip Report and Photos from Tysen, Mary K., Denise [.pdf; 5.7Mb]

Swift Creek to Foster Cabin, Sep 14-16

Esther, Denise

The trip was beautiful. We hiked in and camped near the Foster Cabin for 2 nights.

On day 2 we hiked up to Horseshoe lake and Ward lake. Both are beautiful lakes sitting in glacial cirques. I would like to camp at Ward Lake in the future, but would take 2 days to get up there since the last 3 miles to Ward lake are a very continuous climb, not for the faint of heart.

It is about 10 miles to Ward, the first 7 or so are along Swift Creek and it is an easy to moderate hike to that point before the climb up to the lakes. We didn’t go to Landers Lake because we had to leave early.