Lightweight Backpacking After 60 in the Rogue Valley

Mountain Lakes Wilderness Backpack Trip: Lake Harriette

Varney Creek Trailhead to Lake Harriette Topo (6.5 miles)

Happy Backpackers (Frederick, Maria G., Steve W. & Tysen M.) at Varney Creek Trailhead (43 deg!)

Maria on Varney Creek Trail

Tysen captured on film after just having taken Maria’s picture

Frederick, Steve & Maria taking lunch break at trail junction to Lakes Eb & Zeb

Lake Como

Descending toward Lake Harriette

View across Lake Hariette from Campsite

View to West of Lake Harriette

View across Tysen’s Tent to Lake Harriette

Beautiful Lake Harriette

Steve Happy with his new SteriPEN Water Purifier

Topo Map of Day Hike from Lake Harriette to South Pass Lake and Back

Maria & Steve enjoying Lunch at South Pass Lake during Day Hike

Steve enjoying his Carrot

Tysen, wishing he had brought a carrot for lunch

South Pass Lake (looking east)

Steve, taking a picture of Mystic Lake

Mystic Lake

Maria enjoying view above Lake Harriette

View of Lake Harriette

Steve & Maria happy about having come on this 8 mile Day Hike


One response

  1. Dana Chamberlin

    We can’t wait to make the hike into Harriet Lake end of August 2012…Our first hike in…thank you for the wonderful Pictures.

    D. Chamberlin
    A. Legget

    July 30, 2012 at 10:21 am

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